Coachview already links to Springest, but now you can also offer your courses in the database of EDU-DEX (edudex). Your offered courses are exported every 24 hours to your customers, with their own selection of the courses on offer. Your customers can publish this information in their own LMS, portal or application. At this moment the link only supports sending your courses to the EDU-DEX database.

  1. Only types of training with the status 'final' and the check mark 'publication website' will be forwarded.
  2. Only courses with the status 'to start' or 'final' and a completed start and end date will be forwarded.
  3. You need an account in EDU-DEX.
  4. Optional: 1 type category can be set and linked to different types of courses so that you can send a different offer to edu-dex than you have on your own website.

How to?

You establish the link via the service center in Coachview. You open it via the menu 'Service center' and 'integrations'.

When the link is enabled you have to send another URL to EDU-DEX so they can put it in the system.

Reading into EDU-DEX stands alone. In order to be included in the portals of third parties, these parties must first be informed that info is now available at EDU-DEX, and that they must add it to the selection for their daily import.

Not yet using the functionality to set prices per sales line? And have you now established price agreements by adding different sales rules to the training type? Then the price of the training in Edu-Dex is not displayed correctly. The price is now determined by the addition of all sales rules, and is therefore far too high. Would you like to know more about price-fixing? click here.

Step-by-step plan

It is recommended to first test the link in the training environment of Coachview. (click here to go to the training environment).
Aim and activate the link via the Service center.
Advanced settings, what information is automatically sent to EDU-DEX and what information do you want to send to EDU-DEX instead?