Op this page you will find information about the cookies that we use on the portal.

When a Cookie message is given?
In the GDPR, a distinction is made between functional and non-functional cookies. When non-functional cookies are in use, a cookie message is required, but not when only functional cookies are involved.
  1. Functional cookies: make sure that the website functions correctly, such as navigation to different pages and selected products in the shopping cart. Preferred cookies also fall under functional, such as preferred language, design, region, etc.
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  3. Non-functional cookies: are analytic cookies, social media cookies, advertising cookies, and non-classified cookies (usually from third parties). For non-functional cookies, you have to ask for permission from visitors by means of the cookie message.
For both functional and non-functional cookies, you must inform the visitor via the privacy declaration/cookie policy. 

Coachview training portal.
On the Learning portal are only functional cookies used and no cookie notification is needed, only a link with a privacy statement/cookie policy.

There is an option to install Google Analytics in the portal, depending on how it is used, it is necessary to show a cookie message when visiting the website. If Google Analytics is set to be privacy-friendly, then you may want to use a cookie.