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The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted on 25 May 2016. Part of the AVG is the right of forgetting. The focus here is mainly on the data online because the impact of this is so great. On request you as a Coachview user can anonymise / delete a person. After an anonymisation request has been received, the personal information of the applicant is emptied. In doing so, certain data of the applicant is erased or replaced by random data.

What is the difference between anonymizing and deleting?
  1. A person without a 'history' will be removed from Coachview.
  2. A person with 'history' cannot be removed from Coachview, and will therefore be anonymized.
How can I check if this person has a 'history' in Coachview?
You can check this with the i box.

Click on the 'i' box and the screen with personal information will open.

If this screen is empty the person will be removed. If this is not the case this person will be anonymized.

To anonymize a person, you need a user role with the function 'Anonymize Person (Write)'.

Anonymize a person using the following steps:
Click in the menu on function group 'Search' and on function 'Person', or fill in the name or part of the name and click on the magnifying glass or on <enter>.
Click on the person's name to open the details screen.

Click on the 'Edit' button and the 'Delete' button.

The following screen appears:

Note: this screen does not appear, but the window 'Click OK to delete this person'? Then the function 'Anonymize (write) person' has not yet been added to your user role.
Using the on or off checkboxes you can empty information or not.
  1. Don't you want to anonymize / delete this person? Then click on the 'Back' button.
  2. If you want to continue, click on 'Delete'. 

Note: this can NOT be undone.
If successful, the following message appears:
Click on 'Back' to go back to the personal file.

What's the result?

In advance:


Note: the following will not be made anonymous:
  1. User Coachview.
  2. Course requests: will be disconnected from the personal file.
  3. Documents: will be disconnected from the personal file.
  4. Actions: will be disconnected from the personal file.
  5. Competencies: will be disconnected from the personal file.
  6. Balance: will be disconnected from the personal file.
  7. Company data.