The companies and people.

All the contacts that are recorded. Think of a company for example, customers, a location where training is given, a catering company, your own company, suppliers of teaching materials, etc. People are for example participants, own employees, contacts of customers and / or suppliers, teachers, lotus employees, etc.

An instructor is a person in the database of whom you have to create a separate instructor file if you want to be able to plan the instructor in the course. You can add one or more teacher roles to a teacher. This indicates for which study programmes the teacher is qualified and allowed to teach. When setting up a part of a study programme, you can then indicate which teacher's role(s) are required for the implementation of this part of the programme. In the end, when planning a lecturer for a programme of study, it can be determined which lecturers fulfil this required role.

A location is a company from the company database for which you can create a separate location file. A company can occur several times because you want to use different rooms/rooms. For example, Coachview has two rooms that can be used for training, training rooms 1 and 2. For this you need to create 2 location files, linked to the company Coachview.

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