The parts.

How often a participant is trained in class or follows an e-learning in their own time can be determined by the number of components you add to a course definition. This can also be seen as the curriculum. The curriculum can consist of:
  1. Days or parts of the day.
  2. But you can also think of an extensive lesson schedule in which you decide hour by hour what kind of lesson will be given, by which teacher and in which classroom. 
  3. Perhaps you want to make it clear that lunch and/or dinner will be served and that drinks will be served at the end of the day. 
  4. But maybe you decide that a simple timetable will be prescribed. For example day 1, day 2 and on day 3 in the morning lessons and in the afternoon an exam. 

Define the standard duration, minimum and maximum number of participants, attendance and success rate for each component. Couple a standard teacher and/or location to one or more components as required. Record the material to be used or consumed. If you are making a course, the components and the completed information will be copied. This information can always be changed during the course.