Course definition

With the help of Course definitions, the heart  of Coachview, your (basic) offer of courses, refresher courses, symposia, workshops etc. will be determined.

In the Course definition you can:
  1. define the course schedule with the help of parts,
  2. to record that material is needed,
  3. determine that examination marks should be noted per participant with the help of results,
  4. Define the standard price for a participant or for a group,
  5. stipulate that invoices that you have to pay for e.g. rental of a training room, catering, etc. have to be noted down with the help of purchasing rules,
  6. Ensuring that the conduct of an evaluation is automated for participants and/or teachers,
  7. Determine the budget or the credits to be obtained with the help of balances,
  8. Determine your work process with action templates, who should do what in Coachview at a certain moment or should Coachview do it for you automatically.

You can also see the Course definition as a blueprint, template, template, master playbook or skeleton of which the data is used to create an application, training and training question. The better and more accurate you compile the data, the easier it will be to carry out your administration. So you have to think carefully about what Course definition you are giving or are going to give.