Did you send the invoice? Then you want Coachview to keep track of which invoices need to be reminded. These reminders are sent by Coachview via e-mail, whereby a copy of the invoice must automatically be added as an attachment.

What's going on??
If the invoice is set to final, an invoice number is assigned, an action is created that ensures that an e-mail is sent in case of late payment. When an invoice is paid too late depends on the set payment term. This payment term can be found in the options screen via function group 'Service center' and function 'Options'. The option is called 'InvoicePaymentTerm' and can be found in the panel 'Invoice'. Please note: it is possible that a different payment term has been set in the debtor file.

  1. It is important that you register the payments properly in Coachview. You can do this manually. Do you have a link with Exact-Online or Twinfield? Then this can also be done automatically.
  2. E-mail address has been set correctly in the debtor's file.

What it takes?
  1. Document template for attaching the copy invoice as a PDF attachment, on data group 'Invoice'.
  2. Document template to send the reminder as e-mail, on data group 'Invoice'.
  3. Action template on data group 'Invoice.
  4. Activate: course type(s) to which you add the action template.

Creating a document template:
Create a document template to be used as an invoice attachment. This can be the template you use to send the first invoice. You can also copy it and indicate that it is a copy invoice. Create a document template for sending the e-mail using data group 'Invoice'.
Name: Invoicing step 3 - Invoice reminder email - [Factuur:Nummer] - [Debiteur:AdresseringSamengesteld]]
Data Group:Invoice
Sender:Sender must be entered, this must be an e-mail group ('Manage' -> 'Set up e-mail groups').
To/ CC / BCCTo must be completed, it is best to select 'Invoice - debtor email address'. This is the e-mail address to which the first invoice was sent.
Link attachment(s):Add the invoice document template as an attachment.
Show document at:Zorg ervoor dat de e-mail ook zichtbaar is in het bedrijfsdossier van de debiteur, in het debiteurendossier en (mits ingesteld) in het persoonsdossier van de contactpersoon van de debiteur.

Create task template:
Name: Invoicing step 3 - Invoice reminder - [Factuur:Nummer] - [Debiteur:AdresseringSamengesteld]
Data Group:Invoice
Proces:Send E-mail
Gebeurtenis:factuur is op definitief gezet.
E-mailremplate:te-mail versturen herinnering.

Start date <number of days/weeks/months> after invoice due date.

End date <number of days/weeks/months> after invoice due date.

Create action: select 'Always'.

Conditions:Invoice is paid: select 'no'.
Show task with:Company (debtor) / Debtor / Person (debtor)


Link the action template to one or more types of training.

It is not yet possible to add one or more course definition to the action template. The tab 'Training types' is not shown in this action template.

  1. Find the course definition.
  2. Open the course definition by clicking on the name.
  3. Click on the tab 'Action templates'.
  4. Click on the 'Add' button.
  5. Search and select the action template by clicking on the line, a tick will be placed.
  6. Click on the 'Add' button.

Points of attention:
Don't you want the reminders sent automatically? Then you can also reset the execution in the action template to 'manual'. The action (template) is now semi-automatic. The action will be prepared but not executed automatically. You can do this yourself by selecting the action and clicking 'Execute'. This is easily done via the function 'Action' (function group 'Search').
  1. In the action search screen, enter the following search criteria:
  2. Click on 'Search' and on 'Edit'.
  3. Check the actions of invoices that have already been paid.
  4. Click on 'Finish', these actions do not have to be performed anymore.
  5. Click 'Edit' again.
  6. Tick the actions that may be carried out.
  7. Click on 'Run'.