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Short introduction video.

A collective invoice is different from a normal invoice. With a normal invoice you invoice the costs of one application, composed using one course definition, for one debtor. If you use a collective invoice, you process several applications of different course definition on one invoice. These applications must have been made for the same debtor. Different sales rules with different general ledger accounts, VAT codes and cost centres may be used.

You have to know this in advance!
  1. Same debtor.
  2. Requests with 'partial invoicing' status can also be placed on a collective invoice.
  3. A collective invoice does not have to be 100% invoiced, so partial invoicing is possible.

    instalment payment is possible.

  4. It is possible to add extra sales rules to the application if it is included in a collective invoice.

  5. Requests must have the sales status 'Order', and therefore the financial status 'To be invoiced' or 'Partial invoicing'.

  6. The payment methods of the different requests do not have to be the same.

  7. The order start and end date cannot be determined via start and end date training.

How do you do that?
  1. Via a request: create one invoice for one or more requests from the same debtor.
  2. Via a debtors file: create one invoice for one or more requests, only if there are outstanding amounts.
  3. Via the invoice overview screen: select the debtor with outstanding invoices.

A list of all open order sales lines, grouped per request, will be shown when the invoice is made.

The choice of which requests may be invoiced is up to you.

If you have managed to create one collective invoice with multiple applications and course definitions, the result may look like this.



Compile a single monthly invoice of all registrations received in December 2017 for debtor InnoPhase B.V. that have not yet been invoiced, or have not yet been invoiced in part. You can read how to do this via the request, debtor file or invoice screen below.

Create a collective invoice via the request.
Create a collective invoice debtor dossier.
Create a collective invoice via the invoice summary screen.