As you could have read in the introduction, with MailChimp you can quickly and easily send online newsletters to different target groups. The persons are or will be registered in Coachview and should therefore be automatically added to MailChimp. Does a person no longer want to receive a newsletter or do you change a person's details? Then you can arrange this from Coachview, the changes are automatically implemented in MailChimp.

In this instruction read what happens when you change the data of a person who is registered to a target group and the corresponding MailChimp list.

Change personal data.

When you connect to a MailChimp list through the Service center, Coachview creates a target audience. Three action templates are added to this target group. One of them is the action template 'Mailchimp - 'MailChimp IP newsletter - change person'. In this action template you can indicate under which conditions data of a person in MailChimp should be changed automatically.

You can change these conditions yourself. You can do this by opening the action and clicking on the 'Edit' button.

Under the option 'Triggering personal change on fields' you will see a number of personal details that are ticked or unchecked.

Do you change any of the checked personal data in the personal file of the person who has been added to the target group?

Then an action will be set up that will implement the changed data in MailChimp.

Let's take a look at the following example:

Employee Remy Remery of company 'InnoPhase' of the 'Implementation and Training' department, with the personal category 'IP Newsletter' has been added to the target group and MailChimp list.

In MailChimp the following data are known.

The first name is not spelled correctly and the initials are missing.

What happens now? In the personal file of Coachview the data is not recorded correctly.

So you change the first name and add the inserts.

Coachview creates and executes the action "Mailchimp - MailChimp - change person" and the data is automatically updated in MailChimp.