As you could have read in the introduction, MailChimp makes it quick and easy to send online newsletters to different target groups. The persons are or will be registered in Coachview and should therefore automatically be added to MailChimp. Does a person no longer want to receive a newsletter or do you want to change a person's details? Then you can arrange that from Coachview, the changes are automatically implemented in MailChimp.

In this tutorial you can read what happens when you 'unsubscribe' a person through the list in MailChimp.

Persons who are no longer interested can unsubscribe via MailChimp.

This person Jantje van der Kriekske remains visible in the MailChimp list, but is marked as 'Unsubscribed'.

In the 'IP Newsletter' Jantje van der Kriekske is put on inactive, and disappears from the list.

Note: a number of features have been set up in this target group. People who comply with those characteristics are automatically added.

The characteristics in this target group are:

  1. Department: Implementation and Training.
  2. Company: InnoPhase BV.
  3. Person category: IP Newsletter.

This does not mean that these characteristics will be removed from the personal file.

Did you use 'unscribe' to unsubscribe a person from the mailing list and do you register them again via 'resubscribe'?

Then this does not ensure that the person in the target group is put back on active again!