As you could have read in the introduction, MailChimp makes it quick and easy to send online newsletters to different target groups. The persons are or will be registered in Coachview and should therefore automatically be added to MailChimp. Does a person no longer want to receive a newsletter or do you want to change a person's details? Then you can arrange that from Coachview, the changes are automatically implemented in MailChimp.

In this tutorial you can read how people are removed from the target group and MailChimp list.

Persons who are no longer interested can unsubscribe via Coachview.

A person is removed from the target group if they no longer meet one of the characteristics. An action is created that is executed automatically and ensures that the person is removed from the MailChimp list.

Let's look at the following example:

Employees company 'InnoPhase' of the department 'Implementation and Training' , with the person category 'IP Newsletter' have been added to the target group.

En zijn toegevoegd aan de lijst 'IP nieuwsbrief' in MailChimp.

Remy Remery has indicated that he no longer wants to receive the IP Newsletter.

You open the personal file of Remy Remery and in tab 'General' you remove the category 'IP Newsletter'.

What happens next?
Remy Remery is set to inactive in the target group, and disappears from the list of persons of this target group.

An action is created to remove Remy Remery from the MailChimp list.

These actions will be performed automatically by Coachview on December 27th. Just look in the column 'Execution' and 'Start.

Is this action executed successfully? Then it will be completed and the action will disappear from the list.

If this action is rejected, the action will remain in the list. In the column 'Result' you can see why the action has been rejected.

Your MailChimp list.
If the action has been performed successfully, you will see the following in your linked MailChimp list.

Remy Remery has been removed from the IP Newsletter.