You add a sales line to a course definition, course denifiont part or request using a sales line template.

Why add sales lines to a course definition or not?
  1. Only add sales lines that are used by default in a quotation, order or invoice:
    1. Advantage: before you make the quotation, order or invoice, you no longer need to make adjustments to the sales lines to determine the price. It takes no extra time and is not error-prone.
    2. Disadvantage: In a customization process you may first have to remove all sales lines and then add new ones to determine the price. You can prevent this by creating a separate course definition especially for custom made projects..
  2. Add all conceivable sales lines that can be used with a quotation or invoice of your choice:
    1. Advantage: it is easier to remove one or more sales lines as the situation requires..
    2. Disatvantage: if you have not yet determined the sales lines, then the too high total price will be registered as expected turnover..
  3. Do not add sales lines:
    1. Advantage: You can now decide which sales lines need to be added when requesting a request or invoice. Convenient for a custom project.
    2. Disadvantag: Adding sales lines to a request takes extra time and is error-prone.

You can always change, remove or add new sales lines that are added from the course definition before you make the requesst or invoice..

What is the difference between adding sales lines to a course definition or a type of course definition part??
  1. Sales lines added to a course defintion, are always passed on to the participants of the course definition.
  2. Sales lines added to a course definition part will only be passed on if a participant is enrolled in this specific course part. Think for example of the exam part. Only the participants who are allowed to take the exam, or who are only registered for the exam because of a re-examination, will be passed on..

Does Coachview automatically add a sales line from the course definition to an request, or do you manually add a sales line to a request? Then the sales line will be renamed to order line. The tab in the application is then also called 'Order lines', in the course definition 'Sales lines'.

That's how you do it.

Want to know how you're doing? Then take a look at the presentation below by scrolling down in the presentation. Click on an image to enlarge it. It also explains how to add a sales line to a course definition part.