Introduction: SFP-DKIM not an option?

Does your email domain use specific security and is Coachview not included in the 'white-list'? Then SPF or DKIM is no solution.

Make sure that an e-mail with Coachview as the sender is sent on your behalf.

To do this, the parameter 'Coachview as e-mail sender' must be enabled in Coachview.

You can do this via function group 'Service Center' and function 'Options'.

You can find this option in the 'Security' panel.

Don't forget to click on 'Save', you don't have this option? Please contact our support department.
How does the recipient see your e-mail?
What does that mean?
  1. Your e-mail will be sent by
  2. On behalf of your e-mail address, in this case an e-mail group.

Note: this method has one disadvantage: any bouncing of the e-mail will not be sent and you will not see it in your own e-mail environment.