Beginner Ervaren Expert

Do you want to keep track of how an invoice is paid? Then use one or more payment methods.

How do you do that?
Payment methods can be created at your own discretion. Think of 'Cash', 'In advance', 'iDeal', 'Transfer', 'Direct debit' etc.

What do you have to look out for?
Are you using the education portal and do you have a link to a payment provider?
  1. When registering, the participant is forwarded directly to your payment provider to pay online.
  2. If the payment is correct, the request and invoice will be processed and sent automatically.
Please note: there is no check whether the name and/or abbreviation already occurs.
Where do you use the different payment methods?
You can specify a payment method by
  1. Debtor
  2. Request.
  3. Invoice.
You can choose the payment method from a list. If you select a method of payment for the debtor, it will automatically be included in the invoice.

Define methods of payment:

You do this with the help of the function group 'Financial' and the function 'Payment method'.

Fill in the following details:

Field name

Enter a unique code.
Enter a name.
You can choose between 'On account', 'Debit' or 'Payment Provider'.
Payment provider
If you have chosen the type 'Payment Provider' and you have established a link with a payment provider via our service centre, you can select it here.
Invoice template
Select an invoice template.

  1. Click on 'Save' or 'Save & Back' to save the payment method.
  2. Click on 'Edit' and 'Delete' to delete it. Can't do this because it has already been used? Check 'Inactive'.