If you plan your programmes far ahead and plan teachers and/or locations optionally, you can keep track in Coachview of whether a teacher/location has agreed to the planning. You can keep track of this planning status for each part (hour, part of the day or day) that you have planned for a programme of study.
How does this work?

Using parameters in Coachview you can enable or disable scheduling status tracking for teacher and location. Use function group 'Service center' and function 'Options'. Use the parameters in the 'Planning status' panel.

If the planning status for the lecturer or the location is off, then all planned and newly planned items automatically receive the planning status 'Agree'. The planning status is not visible during the course. 

If you have completed or cancelled the course, the planning status cannot be changed.

For the teacher:

  • Determine for each course whether a scheduled teacher can indicate whether the dates and times are suitable.
  • Send an e-mail from Coachview and invite the teacher to respond to the schedule.
  • Via a specific url he or she opens a webpage and registers his or her availability. For this the instructor does not need access to Coachview. The items on this web page are sorted according to date and time.
  • The responses obtained are automatically registered and can easily be retrieved from a course.
  • If an instructor has indicated 'disagreement' for a component, a message to this effect will automatically appear in the start screen (personal coach), in the panel 'Planning status of non-agreement instructors'.
  • For a teacher who has indicated 'Inactive' in Coachview, the URL no longer works.
  • The Scheduling URL is also shown on the detail screen of an instructor (function group 'course dates' and function 'instructor'). If you click this link, you will see the same screen as the instructor.
  • If you have the parameter 'Scheduling statusDocentNon-availability' on, a 'Non-availability' will automatically be created in the personal file of the instructor if the instructor does not agree.
  • In several search screens you can search by planning status teacher and/or location 'agree / disagree / unknown'.
  • To make the unique url for an instructor available by e-mail, you can select it in a document template for the data groups 'Teacher' and 'Programme Instructor'.
  • If the lecturer has given agreement or not, the lecturer can no longer change this himself/herself.
  • If the scheduling status of an instructor's section has been determined and the instructor is removed from this section and re-scheduled, the scheduling status will be set to 'Unknown'. The instructor can indicate his/her availability again via the webpage.
  • If an instructor is removed from an activity and another instructor is scheduled, the scheduling status is reset to 'Unknown'. The new instructor can indicate his/her availability via the web page.
  • In the planning module you can see whether a lecturer/location has given his/her approval.

For the location applies:
  • A contact person of a location cannot register availability via a specific url.
  • Once the availability of a location for one or more training courses is known, you can indicate this yourself for each part.


Registration per course and parts.

Search screens and the 'planning status teacher / location' option.

Start screen (Personal Coach) and panel 'Scheduling status teachers disagree'.