Microsoft Outlook
In Outlook, the Coachview calendar is linked as a separate calendar under 'Other calendars'.  In Outlook your new calendar will not be integrated in your personal calendar.

You can make it visible (tick) or invisible (remove tick) next to your own calendar.

By means of the arrow in front of the name of the linked calendar you can visually merge the two calendars.
If you click on a course appointment in the Coachview calendar, you will see the following information.

Link the Coachview internet calendar to Outlook:
You can link an internet agenda to outlook using the following steps:
  1. Make sure Outlook is activated on your PC/laptop.
  2. Click on the 'Internet Calendar' function and you will be taken to the overview list of calendars.

    Select the calendar to be linked by clicking on its name.

  3. Click on the icon behind webcal.

  4. In Outlook you will be asked if this internet calendar can be added to Outlook and subscribed to updates.

  5. Click 'Yes'.
  6. The agenda has been added.

Delete the Coachview internet calendar:

You can remove an internet calendar from Outlook by right-clicking on the name.

Choose from the list the option 'Delete calendar'.

Click 'Yes' to delete the internet calendar. As long as the internet agenda exists in Coachview you can always add it again.

Note: the list and notification can differ per outlook version.