Sending an e-mail is very convenient and a fast means of communication. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to send false e-mails (spam) on behalf of another person. DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) can be used alongside SPF or separately. It ensures that Coachview is seen as a trusted party to send e-mails. DKIM itself is not a technology against spam, but offers a basis for authentication, with which, for example, reputation services can be set up. These reputation services in turn can be used by spam filters.

What happens?

Receiving mail servers check the authenticity of an e-mail and can block it based on the results of the DKIM test. Moreover, a domain that is protected by DKIM is less interesting for spammers because the chance that their spam messages reach a recipient's inbox is smaller. This has the additional advantage that with DKIM protected domains will be abused less often. In addition, DKIM offers a means to prove the correctness of an e-mail (including attachments). E-mails that are damaged during transport can be marked as such. Source Wikipedia: Wikipedia article.

How do you do this?

You have to create a DNS record of the CNAME type:

  1. -> (= 2048 bits and is our preference) or
  2. -> (= 1024 bits).

The selector (part for '', here as an example 'coachview', can also be another value. We prefer 'coachview', because then you know that this is the DKIM configuration for Coachview.

Coachview configures the DKIM on the Coachview servers (please contact our support department).