Select a start and end date to display the schedule as a list.

You can select up to 31 consecutive days.

The status of the course is displayed using symbols in the title bar:

To start.

Definitive or executed.

Warnings are displayed in symbols in the box and refer to the scheduled trainer(s) or location on the section:

Trainer, colour  orange 
  • No trainer has been scheduled yet.
  • The trainer has yet to agree.
Trainer, colour  red 
  • The trainer is double-booked.
  • The trainer is not available.
  • The trainer has not agreed.

Location, colour  orange 
  • No location has been planned yet.
  • The location has yet to agree.
Location, colour  red 
  • The location is double-booked.
  • The location is not available.
  • The location did not agree.
 Open and show the planning module in a separate screen.

List overview:

First, select the start and end dates for compiling the list.

First click on the start date, hold down the shift key and then click on the end date.


You can select up to 31 consecutive days.

  • Using the scrollbar on the right you can select other months.
  • On tab 'Options' you can decide if you also want to see the empty days.

The following overview is shown:
  1. The selected dates are shown below each other. If more items are planned on a certain date, these will be shown in rows and columns.
  2. Information about the planned item, the displayed information can be determined via the 'Options' tab.
  3. The next date shown is not 10-10-2017 but 11-10-2017. In the tab 'Options' you have indicated not to show the empty days.
  4. Scroll through the list, up or down.

This information is shown per item (box):

In the title bar the status (= final or executed) and the code of the part of the course.

Warning planning teacher(s), see explanation above at introduction
Warning planning location, see explanation introduction.

Name of the part

Name of the course

Name of the course definition

Scheduled date.

Scheduled time from - time to

Part number

Number of participants registered and number of free places.

Contact person 1 of the course.

Scheduled trainer(s).

Scheduled location.
Description of the part. Hover your mouse over the icon to show the description.