In the monthly overview you have a visual overview of the lesson schedule for that month. The timetable consists of one or more parts.

The status of the course is displayed using symbols in the title bar:

To start.

Definitive or executed.

Warnings are displayed in symbols in the box and refer to the scheduled trainer(s) or location on the section:

Trainer, colour  orange 
  • No trainer has been scheduled yet.
  • The trainer has yet to agree.
Trainer, colour  red 
  • The teacher is double-booked.
  • The teacher is not available.
  • The teacher has not agreed.

Location, colour  orange 
  • No location has been planned yet.
  • The location has yet to agree.
Location, colour  red 
  • The location is double-booked.
  • The location is not available.
  • The location did not agree.
 Open and show the planning module in a separate screen.


  1. The selected month is displayed, depending on the selected day. Using one of the arrows for day, month or year you can change the selected day and thus the month.
  2. The weekdays are shown and the days of the month. The days shown in black are the days of the selected month, the days shown in grey of the month before or after.
  3. Click on 'Today' to show the current day/month.
  4. Go to the previous or next month.
  5. The courses/parts scheduled in this month. Which information is shown in the section (box) is determined via the 'Options' tab and depends of course on the visibility of the section (box).
  6. On the 20th of October there will be more courses (sections) than can be shown on the screen. In this example there are 12 events. Click on '12 events' (this will be underlined) and you will see all the planned events.
Click on the 'x cross' to close this overview and return to the monthly overview.

If you hover your mouse over an item (box), the displayed content will be changed.

This information is shown per item (box), if visible:

In the title bar the status (= final or executed) and the code of the part of the course.

Warning planning teacher(s), see explanation above at introduction

Warning planning location, see explanation introduction.
Part number.

Scheduled date.

Scheduled time from - time to

Name of the course and, if indicated in the options, the name of the component and the name of the type of course.

Number of participants registered and number of free places.

Contact person 1 of the course.

Scheduled trainer(s).

Scheduled location.

Description of the part. Hover your mouse over the icon to show the description.
Holidays, added as 'Not available' are also shown in the monthly overview.

Show and modify data part:
If you click with the left mouse button on an item, the data of this item will open on the right side of the screen.

  1. Code of course. If you click on this line, the details of the course will be shown. If you click on the code (it will be underlined), you will open the course in a separate screen. You will be taken to the tab 'General'.
  2. You have opened section 2 of this programme, but this programme also consists of section 1. If you click on this line, the details of section 1 will be displayed and you will be taken directly to the scheduled date in the day overview. If you click on the name of the component (this will be underlined), you will open the component in a separate screen.
  3. You will end up in the tab 'General'.

    Data of the opened event. Here you can directly change various data.

    • The code.
    • The name of the item.
    • The date.
    • The times.
    • You can fill in a description.
    • The trainer, click on the icon and you can immediately change the planning status (if set). With the plus you add a new trainer, with the cross you remove the teacher.
    • The location, click on the icon and you can immediately change the planning status (if set up). With the magnifying glass you select another location, with the cross remove the location.
    • If you have changed your details, click on the save button at the bottom right of the screen to save the details, the item in the daily schedule will be changed immediately. If you have changed the date, you jump directly to this date.
Add a trainer:

  1. You can add a trainer by typing the last name or select the teacher from the list.
  2. In the title you will find the date, here you can see for which time you are going to schedule the trainer.

Situation 1, no planning problem:

The trainer is available and not yet scheduled for this date / times.

Click on '+ add' to schedule the trainer.

Situation 2, planning problem:

The trainer is not available is already scheduled or has a day off from 10:00 to 17:00. You can see this on the red bar.

Check 'Also add to double booking' and click '+ add' to schedule the trainer.