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Saving a lot of time? The planning module makes the planning of courses, teachers and locations clear, quick and easy and ensures that you can monitor approval.

In a graphical overview you can see exactly who is working and where. Filter per course, lecturer, or location.

What's going on?

By default, the planning module opens with all data for the current day, but also has a weekly and monthly view, a list and a timeline.

Using search criteria, data can be adjusted or limited.

By setting options you determine which information is displayed on the screen.

If you want more information about the content of the lesson programme (= part) a click is sufficient to show it.

Changing the code, name, date, times and scheduling of teachers and the location is also possible.

Messages are shown in an orange bar at the top of the screen. Note: these can also be alerts if you change the planning of an event.

Which training courses are shown?

Only the courses with status 'To start', 'Definitive', 'Executed' and 'Completed' are shown by default.

The completed courses are shown in light orange, and the letters and numbers are not shown in black but in grey.

Which status should be displayed is determined by the search criteria.

Export to CSV (MS-Excel).

The day, week, month and list summaries can be exported to a CSV file.

The CSV file can be opened in MS-Excel. The columns in the list can't be edited by yourself.

Om te exporteren, gebruik de pijl rechtsonder in het scherm
In the timeline you can choose between


Day overview: an overview per day.
Weekly overview: one overview per week.
Monthly overview: an overview per month.
List: select a start and end date to display the schedule as a list.

Timeline: see in a week overview which courses, teachers and locations are planned.

Also see which teachers, locations are not available or when holidays are planned.

The options screen, so you determine what information is displayed and how it is displayed.
Search criteria: filter the number of data on your screen and quickly find the planned course / section, teacher and or location.
Detailed information parts and directly change this information in day- week- month overview or the timeline.
Add, delete the teacher for each item and change the scheduling status if set.
In case of a busy curriculum, make the overview clearer and quieter by combining course units per day using the 'Bundle' option (options).
Give training courses their own colour in the various overviews.