Free fields allow you to keep track of extra information that Coachview does not offer by default for a certain file. It is possible to set up one or more free fields for all kinds of files. Think for example of recording dietary requirements in a personal file, an exam number per participant in a training question or a url referring to homework assignments on your website in a course definition.

What can you do with it?
A free field can be used as mergefields in document templates, as a column to a list or as a search criterion in a search screen. Set your free fields as text field, text field multiple lines, drop-down list, 'true/non-false field' or date field. This allows you to determine what users can fill in and reduces the chance of manual errors! Unfortunately, this cannot be applied retroactively to existing free fields because data will be lost.


Set up a free field and use the free field.Use a free field as a column in a search screen.Use a free field as a search criterion in a search screen.