Coachview can carry out actions around a training course automatically. You decide what and when this should happen. To customize the action templates for the use of the automatic actions, rights are required on the Automatic workflow module. At least 1 user needs the module to set up and execute actions automatically. Users who do not have the module can not set up automatic actions (templates), but can view, edit and if necessary have the actions executed again.

Send the invitation to the participant 2 weeks before the start of the training. But beware, only if the training continues.


For the automatic sending of e-mails it is necessary that the document template that will be used is set up correctly. This means that an email group is set up as the sender. Because the e-mails are sent by Coachview, a sender is not automatically known. The data group of the document template must be identical to the data group of the action template.

It is also wise not to use the Author fields (e.g. [Auteur:Email1]) in the templates concerned. These are for example often used in the caption of the documents. There is no known author if the document is created automatically.

Preparation, document template:
  • Create an e-mail group using the 'Manage' function and the 'Set up e-mail groups' function.
  • Make sure that the document template for sending the invitation is adjusted as follows in the 'E-mail settings' panel of the document template:
    • Fill in the in e-mail group as sender. Note: this is only possible if it has been approved.

      Select a person after which the e-mail must be sent. Think for example of 'Person - business'. 

    • In the personal file of the participant, an e-mail address must be filled in with the type 'Business'. If this is not always the case, you also use type 'Private', then select 'Person - first'.

    • In the CC, for example, you can place 'Person (Authorization owner) - business' or 'Person (Manager) - business'.

It is useful if you keep the name of the document and action template the same.

If you need to link the document template to the action template you can easily find it in the list of document templates.

Set up the action template:

Click on the function group 'Template' and the function 'Action template'.

Click on the 'New' button in the search screen and fill in the following data:


'Invitation participant [Opleiding:Naam] | [Persoon:NaamVolledig]'.

When the action is created, the name of the training and the name of the participant will be placed in the name of the action.


Set it to 'Automatic (on start date/time)

Select the 'Show advanced options' option. This will display additional data.

Data group:

Select 'CourseParticipant'.


Selecteer de optie 'Versturen e-mail' met behulp van het loepje.


Select 'Participant has been added to the course'.

E-mail template:

Select the document template 'Invitation participant [Opleiding:Naam] | [Persoon:NaamVolledig]'.

Start and end date:

Fill in 2 weeks before starting training.


For example, enter 10:00 if you want the invitations to be sent at 10:00 in the morning.

Linking start and end dates:


If this option is ticked, the start and end date will be linked in the action template that you create with this action.

You have indicated in the action template that the start date is 2 weeks before start date and the end date 1 week before end date. In the action the start date is set on November 1st and the end date on November 7th. If you open the action and change one of these two dates, the other date is automatically moved up. If you move the start date to November 7, the end date is automatically moved to November 14.

Create action:
  • Select the option 'Course status' is 'definitive'.
  • Leave the option 'Always'.

Rights to read and write:

Don't enter anything.

Show action at:

Select the options 'Course' and 'Person'. The action can be seen in the training, the participant's personal file and in the training question (this is checked by default and cannot be turned off).

User is owner:

Do not select.

Standard owner:

Don't fill it out.

Document templates:

Select the document template 'Select the document template 'Invitation participant [Opleiding:Naam] | [Persoon:NaamVolledig]'.


Leave it on Normal.


Don't fill anything out.


Don't check.

Click 'Save' or 'Save & Back' to create the action template.