Do you often send the same kind of emails to participants? With the help of document templates you can set up these emails/documents in advance, so you don't have to type an email over and over again. Because you can use merge codes, you can still make the e-mail unique by filling in data from the participant or course, for example. In addition, you can use an action (template) to set a reminder for yourself to send this document, in many cases you can even send it automatically, see these articles.

What's going on?
Document templates can be set up in advance. For example, when you want to send an invitation to a participant, you can easily select the template. The document is created and mergefields such as the name of the participant, name of the course, class schedule and start date of the course are put in the document. Before sending it, you can view an example. It is even better to have this process run automatically, in collaboration with an automated action template.

Document templates can be used for many different emails/prints. Think of confirmations, invitations, attendance list, certificates, invoices etc. There is almost no situation imaginable in which you cannot use a document template. The easiest way to create a document template is to select one of the examples from our library, and then edit it. It can be even easier/compler: create an action template with one of the examples from the action template library, and a document template is immediately created that is linked to the action template.

Wat is er nodig?
  1. For setting up document templates, rights are required on the Documents and Actions module.
  2. All articles are based on the new document editor. You can use this version using the following steps:
    1. Click on menu 'Service center' and menu item 'Options'.
    2. Go to option 'Default document editor' in panel 'General' and select from the list 'Editor 3'.
    3. Add function 'Document editor 3' with 'write' to a user role.
  3. Knowledge of Coachview, it is important to know the structure and concepts of Coachview.
    For editor 3 you need your own style sheet, the style sheets for editor 2 and 3 differ from each other. Are you going to start with editor 3? First make sure that you open the standard style sheet 3 and make sure the layout is correct. The values can be copied from style sheet editor 2.


Create the document template using editor 3.Create a new document template using one of the examples we have compiled from the libraryUse the style sheet or paint roller to set or change your default layout for paragraph, titles, link and table.
Stylesheets, what are they and what can I do with them? Using a style sheet you can create all document templates in one go.
Use an email group as the sender.

With the help of paragraph and headings you make sure that texts in your design are always created in the same way.Set up Hyperlink.