It is possible to create a 'special' user with a so-called 'special' authorisation. Restricted access can be given to third parties (e.g. clients or teachers):
  1. Course definitions and the resulting training.
  2. Documents.

Restricted means: only predetermined types of education, training and documents may be viewed/modified.

Grant special authorisation to types of training/education:
  1. Create one or more training categories. Provide a name that makes clear that the training type may only be viewed/modified by this special user.
  2. For each type of training that may be viewed/modified, the category must be added.
  3. Create a user and make sure it is financially authorized.
Open the user's file via function group 'Administration' and function 'User'.
Click on the tab 'Extra authorisation'.
Click on the 'Edit' button and select the training species categories to be filtered on.

Click on the 'Save' or 'Save & Back' button.

Grant special authorisation to documents/actions:
Change the read and write permissions of the document and action templates. If the special user is only allowed to view documents/actions then the user roles assigned to this user must be linked to the read permissions.

Pay attention: This applies to 'all' users to whom these user roles have been assigned. If there are users who are allowed to change documents/actions, the user roles of these users must be linked to the write permissions.