The overview below lists all modules and underlying permissions, including menu items associated with them:

ModuleEntitlementsMenu (function group > Function)Description
IPFinancial Management

Financial > Method of payment

Financial > VAT

Financial > Unit

Financial > Ledger account

Financial > Cost centre

Financial > Creditor

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EmailgroepManagement > Setting up e-mail groupsSetting e-mail addresses that can be used as sender when sending a mailing.

FavouritesManagement > Setting favouritesSet favourite websites.

Financial AuthorisationManagement > Financial authorisationActivate modules for users.

Set up ColumnsManagement > Columns setup

Set up Personal DashboardManagement > Setting up personal dashboard

Education portalManagement > Education portal

Personal Dashboard
Display Personal Dashboard.

Service CentreService Centre > LinksConfiguring links to accounting systems, e-learning environments etc.

Special taskManagement > Special task

Free field DefinitionManagement > Set up free fieldsSet up free fields.

Free fields
Display free fields

Change passwordManagement > Change passwordPossibility to change password.

Company and PersonDepartmentCategory > Person departmentCreate and manage Departments

Creation and manage company files

Company/Person Category

Category > Company category

Category > Company category group

Category > Category of person

Category > Category group person

Create and manage categories

ExternId/externsource change person/company

Wijzigen van ExternID en ExternSource velden in persoons- en bedrijvendossiers. Deze velden worden gebruikt in koppelingen met externe systemen.

Deduplicate personManagement > Deduplicate personMerging personal files


Creation and manage personal files

Registration of function and department with personal files.

PersonFunctionCategory > Personal functionSpecify possible functions for registration in personal files.

Documents and ActionsAction
Manage manual and automatic actions

Action templateTemplate > Action templateManage manual and automatic action templates. An action template is a blueprint for an action of a certain type and event.

Create and view separate documents (no mailings).

Document TemplateTemplate > Document templateManage document templates, which serve as the basis for all documents generated in

Mailing MasterMailing MasterModule(s) > MailingSending mails (multiple documents at once) to groups of people or companies.

CoursesRequest Base
General tab at Request

Request Plus
Remaining options Request

Requested sales status Offered

Rights to set sales status of an request to 'offered'.

Request sales status concept

Rights to set sales status of an request to 'concept'.

Request sales status Order

Rights to set sales status of a request to 'order'.

Request sales status Expired

Rights to set sales status of an request to 'expired'.

Updating participants parts
Update course parts

Register directly

TrainerCourse data > TrainerCreate, manage and schedule trainers.

Recalculate requests from courses

LocationCourse data > LocationCreate, manage and schedule locations.

Create course from request

Non-availabilityCourse data > Non-availabilityRegistration of periods when trainers or companies are not available.

Course Basics
Course tab General and Participants

Course categoryCategory > Course category

Course ParametersManagement > ParametersTab Coachview parameters

Course Plus
Remaining options Course

Course part listCourse data > Course partList of all parts of all courses.

Course definition

Course definition Category

Course definition part

Course request

Course request authorisation

Course request part

Put on waiting list

Reason expiredCourse data > Reason expiredRegistration of reasons why an request has status expired.

Reason for exemptionCourse data > Reason for exemptionRegistration of reasons why a request part is exempted/not tracked.

Registration Attendance/Passing

Registration results

ResultDefinitionCourse data > Result definitionDefining results for course registration.

ResultaatTypeRelatiefCourse data > Result type relativeDefining choice options in terms of result type relative.

Scheduling of courses

Balance configuration
Course data > Balance

Balance person

Consulting and adding persons to a balance.

Balance changes
Course data > Balance changesList of balance changes

Balance report
Course data > Balance report

Register waiting list

SalesPayment transactionFinancial > Payment transactionOverview of transactions carried out by link with payment provider.

Financial > Debtors

Debtor export registration
Be able to register manually whether a debtor has been exported. Normally via accounting link.

InvoiceFinancial > Invoice

Invoice paid registration
Manually register whether an invoice has been paid. Normally via accounting link.

Invoice export registration
Manually register whether an invoice has been exported. Normally via accounting link.

Invoice cost center / ledger account adjustments

Adjustment of cost centres and/or ledger accounts in invoice lines.

Invoice validation overrule

Selectively ignore invoice validations that have been activated in the environment.

Retrieve update sales rules material courses.


Sales rule Category

Registration and management of purchasing.

Purchase order

Financial > Purchase order

Financial > Purchase order line

EvaluationEvaluationEvaluation > EvaluationEvaluate courses, course parts and trainers.

Evaluation analysisEvaluation > Evaluation analysisPossibility to anylysise aggregations of evaluation information.

EvaluationTemplateEvaluation > Evaluation templateCreate and manage templates (blueprints) for easy creation of new templates. Consist of evaluation request templates.

EvaluationRequestCategoryEvaluation > Evaluation request category

Evaluation > Evaluation Choice setManagement of choice set, to be used with multiple choice questions in evaluations.

EvaluationRequestTemplateEvaluation > Evaluation request templateCreate and manage  of question templates (blueprints for evaluation questions).

Management InformationManagement InformationModule(s) > Managementinformation

Competence Management

Competences > Competence category

Competences > Competence scale level

Competences > Definition of competence

Competence > Definition of competence

Competences > Competence requirement

Competences > Competence companies

Managing competencies of employees. The competence manager automatically generates course requests based on set criteria.

Target groupCompetences > Target group

Trainer/Location schedulingInternet calendarManagement > Internet calendarCreate and manage calendars of trainers, persons or general calendars that can be read in most calendar applications, such as Outlook.

PlanningModule(s) > PlanningsmoduleEasy planning of multiple courses over a period of time.

MaterialMaterialModule(s) > MaterialManagement of materials required for courses, such as beamers, furniture or pens.

Material categoryCategory > Category of material

Reason material mutationCourse data > Reason for material mutationReasons given for mutations in material numbers.

Web requestWeb requestModule(s) > Web requestProcessing web requests coming in via a education portal or website link.

Automatic workflowAutomatic workflow
Possibility of automated execution of actions, such as sending documents, web requests, forwarding data to external packages, etc.

Connector-eventManagement > Connector eventView connector events of automatic actions.