Ervaren Expert

Assigning modules to users (via the roles) can have financial consequences. As soon as a role has been assigned to a user that contains one or more modules with financial consequences, a message appears stating that this user still needs to be financially authorised. The user in question will not gain access to the associated functions until financial approval has been given.

Note: a given financial authorisation is valid for the period of one month. If the authorisation is not cancelled during this month, this period is automatically extended by one month.

Grant financial authorisation:

Click on the function 'Financial authorisation' in function group 'Management'.

Note: above prices may be different from reality.
  1. This module is authorized, but due to changes in the roles it is no longer necessary (shown in purple). Uncheck this module. In the column 'Expires' you can see when this module is no longer usable.
  2. This module must be authorised (shown in red).
  3. What is the price per month for this module?
  4. Authorisation period will be extended by 1 month on the date mentioned.

Click on the 'Edit' button.

Check on per module to be authorised, or check off for which the authorisation must be cancelled.

Click on 'Save' to confirm.