Single Sign On en het opleidingsportaal: werkinstructies voor Coachview.
Please note: this set-up must be carried out by the Coachview support department.

There are several possibilities to create a user in the training portal.

  1. Automatic action set up in Coachview.
    1. For example, enrolment in a programme of study. The person will therefore only have access to the portal after enrolment in the training course.
    2. When creating a person with external and external source.
  2. Creation in the training portal as a user (the first time) via SSO.
  3. Manual creation from Coachview via function 'Management' and function 'Training Portal'.

Innophase settings in the training portal:
  1. Go to 'Manage' and then to 'InnoPhase settings'.
  2. Set format to 'ExternalId', no dots and prefix 'Customer name' with backslash.

Extension SAML2 Authentication provide:
  1. Go to 'Management' and then to 'Extensions (/admin/extensions.aspx)'.

Note: Use "Create user" only if persons can be newly created and changed in Coachview.

So if there is a person import/synchronization then this is not allowed. The person in Coachview will then be overwritten with the values from the SAML message.

Since sprint 6 - 2016, pbi 8573 there is the possibility to only retrieve the person from Coachview and not to have them created/edited in Coachview.

Logout page:

Create a logout page that can be displayed by all users (not authenticated), otherwise you will be redirected to the login page and logged in again instead of logged out.

Admin/SiteSettings.aspx -> Set "Forward after logout" on the logout page.

SAML attributes: To create users.

  • Mandatory: Last name, Email address
  • Optional: First name, Insert, Initials, Birth-surname, Birth-suggestions, Title, Back title, Place of birth, Email address preference, Email address private, Department, Function, Gender (enum: 1='Man', 2='Woman', 3='Unknown' ), Date of birth (format: d-M-yyyyy), Address, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, City, Telephone number, Telephone number-mobile, Telephone number private, CompanyExternalId, ExecutiveExternalId
  • In Department and Function the code is expected, this is used for the matching.