Relations are recorded in Coachview using company and personal files.

The personal details of, for example, participants, contacts, trainers, suppliers, lotus employees, examiners, etc. are recorded in a personal file.

These data are recorded in various tabs. Which tabs are visible depends on the modules that have been set up for you and the rights you have been given.

In this example you see all available tabs. Numbers in a tab indicate that information has been entered or added. If you create a new personal file you start in the tab 'General'.
At the very bottom of the article we briefly explain the meaning of the different tabs.

Create a new personal file.

Do this using the following steps:

Short explanation of the different tabs.

The detail screen with general information about the person.

Note: in read mode, only those fields are shown that have been filled in.

Here you can also see whether this person is manager (1), debtor (2) or user of one or more education portals (3).

These are links you can click on:
  1. Displays a list of names of which this person is an executive.

    Opens the debtors file.

    Opens the education portal.

Free fields:

Additional information not provided by by default. You can create these yourself.

If you don't have free fields, this tab will not be visible.

Course requests:The complete course file of this person. What course has been followed, is this person following or is this person ahead of the waiting list. The expired course requests are not shown by default, but can be searched for. You also have the possibility to place a person on the waiting list, to register the course request with waiting list on a course or to directly register this person on the course.
Unavailability:An overview of periods in which the person (as a trainer or participant) is unavailable. It is possible to enter a new period, or change or delete a period.
Balance:Which PE points have been achieved or which budget is still available.
Documents:An overview of documents created for the person. It is possible to create a new internal document or upload an external document.
Actions:An overview of actions relating to the person that have not yet been completed. It is possible to make a new action.
Functions & Departments:Which functions and/or departments have been assigned to this person in the past.
Skills:What skills need this person?