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Exact Online offers possibilities to process data from Coachview. Turn the debtors registered in Coachview into customer relationships automatically in Exact Online. Automatically convert your invoices into sales entries, including the general ledger account, cost centre and VAT.

What's happening?
In Coachview the invoices are created and sent. Of debtors who are 'born' in Coachview, not yet existing in Exact Online, new master data are created automatically. In addition, you decide whether the data of an existing debtor (in ExactOnline) can be overwritten. The invoice lines are automatically written as journal entries to general ledger and/or cost centre. The invoice created and sent in Coachview can be viewed again in ExactOnline.

  1. A maximum of 1 administration can be linked to Coachview in Exact Online.
  2. It is wise to import the debtors in Exact Online, which do not yet exist in Coachview but are necessary, as companies and/or persons.
  3. The invoice lines/sales entries will be sent excluding VAT. This means that per VAT Code in Exact-Online the type must be set as 'Exclusive'.
  4. If Coachview is leading in the creation of new accounts receivable then you have to make sure that the account number (relation number in Exact Online) does not yet occur in Exact Online. This can be done by using a prefix or by starting the number from a certain range. Note: a relation number in Exact Online is either a debtor number or a creditor number. If you give a debtor number from Coachview and this relation exists in Exact Online as creditor (type is not equal to 'Customer') then this creditor will be overwritten.
What does it take?
  1. An available version in the Netherlands and/or Belgium.
  2. A user in Exact Online who can realize the link.
  3. A list of VAT codes and names used in Exact Online.
  4. A list of general ledger account numbers and names used for VAT rates, courses, workshops etc. in Exact Online.
  5. A list with cost centers and names that are used for courses, workshops etc. in Exact Online. Note: this is not mandatory.


Has the coupling been made? Then it can be determined in real time and automatically whether the invoice has been paid.

In Exact-Online the invoice is considered paid when it has been matched and the outstanding amount is € 0,-- or the difference has been booked on payment difference or exchange rate difference.


In the questionnaire (Coachview checklist link Exact Online 01062018.docx) you will find which data is needed to establish the link with Exact-Online. Fill in this list as a preparation. You can download the questionnaire as a document at the bottom of this article. You can read the articles using the overview below.

In steps 4 and 5 you can read how the link will be set up and what data you will need to create it.


The link will first be tested in the training environment of Coachview ( Are there already invoices in Coachview and do they no longer need to be exported to Exact Online? Then read here how to do that. Create a test administration in Exact Online that reflects the live administration..
In Coachview the VAT rates need to be adopted or adjusted. These have to correspond with Exact Online.In Coachview the general ledger accounts need to be copied or adjusted. These must correspond to Exact Online.In Coachview the cost centres have to be taken over or adjusted. These must correspond to Exact Online.
Set up and activate the connection in Coachview via the service center.
ISet up and activate payment registration in Coachview via the service centre.
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

View and search for the most common (error) reports.Interested in technical details? In this article we explain which Coachview fields are used to export the debtor, invoice and invoice line(s) to Exact-Online and in which Exact-Online fields they are placed.