Integration aNewSpring


Also arrange the back office of your e-learning via Coachview. Subscribe and unsubscribe participants directly. Connect SSO as desired via your Coachview portal, or your own identity provider so that they switch in 1 click.

What's going on?

Backoffice e-learning
Register participant from Coachview
Unsubscribe participant from Coachview
Subscription email sent from eLearning provider
Optional: SSO between Training Portal / Own IDP / Coachview

What do you need?

Account service provider

Step-by-step guide

Create a test user in Coachview. Enter surname, any suffix, first name, initial, gender and e-mail address. Use an e-mail address you have access to, so you can read the e-mail with the login name, password and url. You can also check whether the e-mail is correctly displayed in your house style.

Set up a course definition in Coachview
That's how you do it!
Set up action templates for signing up and giving access to a course in aNewSpring.
That's how you do it! 
Set up action templates to disable access to a course in aNewSpring
That's how you do it! 
Setting up aNewSpring.
To give coachview access to webservices a number of settings in aNewSpring are important. You need to be able to log in as Administrator and have access to the menus 'Settings' and 'Site management'.
Set up and activate the link in Coachview via the Service Center.