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The obtained grade has to be returned to Coachview after course completion.

This article applies to the following e-learning systems:
  1. Moodle.
  2. aNewSpring.
  3. Ilias 
  4. Other system via the standard integration

What's going on?
When the course is completed then:
  1. The final grade is sent back to Coachview and saved as a result.
  2. For the e-learning component the presence is ticked (you cannot change this anymore).
  3. For the e-learning component the pass is ticked (you cannot change this anymore).
  4. The e-learning course question is completed.
  5. The e-learning course unit is set to approval.
  6. The 'date agreed' becomes the date the course is completed in the e-learning system.

  1. Is the result on the part registered in Coachview and will a new grade be obtained in a next attempt? Then this new (final) grade will not be registered in Coachview again.

What's needed.
  1. The service center (a.o. the results section) of Coachview has been set up.
  2. The personal number (ID) of your e-learning system must match the number (personsid or externid) in Coachview.
  3. The participant is enrolled in a course in Coachview with an e-learning component.
  4. The course number (ID) of the e-learning course is entered in the e-learning section.
  5. In your e-learning system, a course has been set up with an activity and set course completion. 
    1. If you want to know more about Moodle, check out Moodle docs course completion.
  6. The integration with your e-learning system is active.
  7. The participant completes the course and meets the completion criteria.

  1. Moodle requires the installation and setup of the plug-in (returning results after course completion), which was developed in collaboration with Avetica. Please contact your Moodle partner. In the service centre, under the heading 'Results', send the URL results and Webhook secret to your Moodle partner.
  2. This is not possible in the Cloud version (free or school version) of Moodle.
  3. Moodle version: from version 3.0 onwards, you can check your Moodle version via 'Site-administration' and 'Registrations'.
  4. Are you using Moodle version 3.3.5 or higher, and have you set up the GDPR/AVG privacy tool? If so, the latest version of the plugin can be requested via Avetica's Customer Services This is done according to an annual subscription fee.
  5. Are you using Moodle version 3.3.3 or lower, and you have not set up the GDPR/AVG privacy toot? Then follow the steps below.
  6. Log in with site management rights.
  7. The result cannot be processed in Coachview, for example the participant is not recognized or the course is not recognized? Then try the link:
    1. Resend once a day.
    2. Repeat this for a maximum of 30 days.

  1. In the service center you have to send the URL results and Webhook secret to your aNewSpring under the heading 'Results'.

  1. This feedback of results has not been built by Coachview and there are currently no test results of this functionality with the link to Ilias. Testing should be done by the user himself.

  1. If a candidate has passed, 1 will be returned as result. If a candidate has failed, 0 will be returned. Make sure that in the result definition, which is used to register the result, a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 1 or higher are set.