If you have questions or need help and you have a Coachview user account in your name, you can use our Coachview integrated support system.

See how you do this using this video:

Read it again:

Via the support button at the top of your screen, you can directly pass on your question or comment via a ticket. 

 A. Insert the subject of your question.

 B. Ask your question or give your comment.

 C. Make a printscreen and add it.

 D. Determine the type of notification:

  • Question.
  • Software error.
  • Request new functionality.
  • Request for activity, for example adaptation article knowledge base, extra training.

E. You can also look for help on our knowledge base.

F. Send your ticket to our support department.

G. Close the window.

The status of your notification can then be found using the 'My tickets' button. This brings you to our knowledge base. Via the tab 'Solutions' you can consult our electronic knowledge base. This may answer all your questions.

If you have a question that can't wait, our helpdesk will help you by phone (088-4488555).


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