In Coachview, planning a course becomes a lot more pleasant because you can now schedule one or more parts of a course automatically. Determine, for example, on which day the course will be given and whether this day will be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. If you have a certain planning pattern, how many days are standard between certain parts, then this is also possible. The system automatically checks for conflicts, for example in the event of a double-booking of a lecturer and/or location, public holidays (general unavailability) and the unavailability of a lecturer and/or location. What Coachview has to do in case of conflicts is set up by you. In the case of a course definition, you specify how the roasting must be carried out. This will be taken over by the course, but there you can change the way in which the timetables must be used.

That's how you set it up:

That's how you do it: