Read more about the standard buttons, buttons for an input field, navigation buttons and other common buttons.

Standard buttons:

In the different screens of Coachview you will regularly find the same standard buttons.

Activate the search for data, depending on the search criteria entered, in a search screen.
Click here, for information about searching in training courses.

Clear the entered search criteria in a search screen.

Create a new file.

Search screen: depending on the search screen, you can delete one or more topics (e.g. parts of a program), complete (actions) or drop them (course questions).
Detail screen: allows you to edit or delete a selected file.

If you have clicked "Edit" in a detail screen, the following buttons will appear:
Save: the filled in data of the subject will be saved.
Save & Back: the filled in data of the subject will be saved and you will return to the previous screen that you opened.
Delete: the topic will be deleted (note: not always possible).
Cancel:The data will not be kept, the original state of the subject will be restored.

Buttons for an input field:

In some fields you can see these icons:
  • Click on the slider to open the file search screen. Find your topic and select it to fill in the topic.
  • If you have already entered a topic, you can remove it with the cross.
  • If you can't find the file you're looking for, you can create it with the plus.

Navigation buttons:

At the top of the menu you will find these navigation buttons.
Read more about these navigation buttons and the menu.

If you have opened one of the files from a search screen, you will be taken to the detail screen with general information about the file. You will then find these buttons in the top right-hand corner:
Arrows: go to the previous or next file from the wish list.
i: who created or last modified the file. Do not click on the button but hover your mouse over it.

Other buttons:

Change your personal dashboard (start screen). This button is only visible when you have opened the start screen.
Read more about setting up the personal dashboard.

My tickets: opens our support page, opens the overview with your submitted tickets.
Support: opens a screen to enter a ticket. dienen.

At the bottom left of a search screen you will find these buttons:
Downward arrow: export the topics from the search list to a text file (.csv). If this is set on your computer, the list will open in MS-Excel.
Wheel: change the columns, add columns, remove columns from the overview, change the sorting or change the order of the columns. Please note that changes apply to all users.

Sometimes you will also find this button in a search screen.
This allows you to sort the list.

In some detail screens you will find the button with the i'tje. It provides historical information on the subject.

Training tab 'General': who has changed the status of the training when.

Person tab 'General': information about the person.

Request tab 'General': who has changed the sales status when.

Document tab 'General': what happened to this document?

Task class 1.