Physical external documents, such as a PDF, Outlook Message, MS-Word or MS-Excel, can be uploaded to a specific file. Think for example of the signed attendance list you want to upload for a course, homework assignments for a course type or quotations for an application. It is possible to upload multiple files at the same time. The files are stored on the Coachview server.

Coachview detects in advance whether it meets requirements such as file size and format.
  1. The file size must not exceed 10 mb.
  2. Only the following extensions are allowed: .bmp,.csv,.doc,.docm,.docx,.dot,.dotx,.eml,.gif, .htm, .html, .ics,.jfif,.jpe,.jpeg,.jpg,.mht,.msg, .numbers, .ods, .odt, .oft, .one,.pages,.pdf,.png, .potx,  .ppsx ,.ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .tif, .tiff ,.txt, .vsd, .vsdx, .wpd,.xls,.xlsb,.xlsm,.xlsx,.xlt,.xml,.xps, .xsd,.zip

It is also possible to upload cloud documents placed on your server. Want to know more? Click here and learn how to upload and edit a cloud document.

Case upload a homework assignment and link it to the invitation to the participant.
Upload homework assignments:
Open a course definition and click on the 'Documents' tab
Click on the button 'Upload'.

  1. Data group: indicates where you are going to upload the documents (e.g. at a person, company, training, application or type of training).
  2. Item: indicates to which file, in this example the training type TCV , you upload the documents.
  3. Read privileges: If you leave this blank, all users of Coachview can open and read the documents. With the help of user roles you can limit this.
  4. Write acces: If you leave this blank all users can open and delete the documents. With the help of user roles you can limit this
  5. Select a file: upload a physical document.
  6. Integrations: the document is also visible when you open these dossiers.

Click on the 'Select a file' button or the arrow to add documents. A dialog box (the Windows/Apple explorer) will open allowing you to navigate to where your documents are.

  1. You can now select one document by left-clicking it twice with the left mouse button or
  2. you click on the first document, hold down the shift key and click on the last file to import or
  3. you click on a document, hold down the ctrl key and click on another document at a time.
In the Windows/Apple dialog box, click the 'Open' button and the selected documents will be displayed.
Both selected documents are grayed out and can be uploaded.
Selected file is shown in red and cannot be uploaded because it is too large.
The first file can be uploaded, the second file cannot. Click the arrow again and select only the first file.
Click on the 'Save' button. You will briefly see a progress bar. If the upload is successful, you will return to the 'Documents' tab. The type of both homework assignments in the list is 'external'.
Link homework assignments to invitation participant:
  1. Open the list of document templates via menu 'Template' and menu item 'Document template'.
  2. Click on the name of the document template used to send the invitation to the participant.
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button in the 'General' tab.
  4. Go to the 'Link attachments' panel and click on the magnifying glass under 'Existing internal or external document'.
  5. The pop-up window with internal and external documents opens.
  6. Fill in the name or part of the name of the uploaded documents and click on 'Search'.
  7. Select the documents to be linked and click 'Add'.
  8. Click on 'Save' the attachments are linked and automatically added to the e-mail.

Modes of an uploaded file:
In Coachview you cannot directly change an external document. You have to download the file first and then edit it. This is how you do it:
  1. Open the dossier where the file was added.
  2. Go to the 'Documents' tab.
  3. Click on the name of the file.
  4. Click on the name again under 'External document'.
  5. The file is downloaded and can be edited.
You can add the edited document in no time:
  1. Click on 'Edit'.
  2. Use the arrow to select the edited document.
  3. Click on 'Save',

Deleting an uploaded file:
  1. Open the file where the file was added.
  2. Ga naar de tab 'Documenten'.
  3. Click on the name of the file.
  4. Click 'Delete' and 'OK'.
  5. Navigate back to the file.

If you have attached the file to one or more document templates, it cannot be removed before disconnecting it. You will see the following error message:

If you have opened the tab 'Documents' you can delete multiple documents.

Click on 'Edit', 

Select one or more documents and click successively on 'Remove' and 'OK'.