In Coachview documents can be distinguished into internal and external documents.

  1. Internal documents: You can create and edit an internal document yourself. For this you use a document template. This ensures that your document has a uniform look and feel, according to your own house style. Using merge codes, data from Coachview is automatically merged. The document that is created can be e-mailed and/or printed and is stored in the file of, for example, a study programme, participant, teacher, application or company.
  2. External documents: Are created outside Coachview and can be uploaded but not edited. Think for example of a PDF, MS-Word or MS-Excel file as a homework assignment.
In Coachview you can create one or more internal documents and e-mail or print them in two different ways.
  1. Create and e-mail or print one document, for example a list of attendants or participants.
  2. Create and e-mail or print multiple documents, such as an invitation to participants and/or teachers.


Create and email or print one document.Create and email or print, via a mailing, multiple documents.Upload external documents.