A number of parameters need to be set in Coachview in order for the link to Moodle to run correctly.

This can be arranged via the service center. If you don't have access to the service center or don't know exactly what to fill in, please contact our support department: click here for support.

Service center.
  1. Click on menu 'Service center 
  2. Click on menu item 'Integrations'.

Several panels with possible links are opened.

In the 'eLearning' panel, click on the 'Configure' button in the 'Moodle' box.

  1. Before the link can be activated you have to fill in the standard data in the service center. These are directly visible on the screen.
  2. Do you check 'Advanced settings'? Then you can fill in extra data.
  3. An input field with secure information is displayed with dots. Click in the field to show or change the information.

Important data:
Below is shown which fields from the personal file in Coachview are filled in in Moodle. Do you use diacrites in Coachview, letters with a writing character above, below or by a letter to indicate the pronunciation? If so, these will not be accepted by Moodle in the user name. This also applies if you have accidentally added a space in the first or last name. Coachview automatically ensures that these are filtered out.
ExternId of PersonId

Pay attention: if there are already users in Moodle, check that the Moodle id matches the set id (externid or personid) of this user (person) from Coachview. This is important because the ID is used to recognise a person in both Moodle and Coachview.
ID number (EN)
Email address or first name insert surname or initial (1st)-insertion surname or ExternalID.Username (EN)
First name

Please note: The first name is mandatory in Moodle, not in Coachview. If a user is created in Moodle without a first name via Coachview, this will be accepted in Moodle. No error message will be returned. The user will receive an error message after logging in because 'first name' is missing. When performing the action to create the user, the user will be checked to see if the first name has been entered. No first name generates an error message.
Firstname (EN)
Last name

Please note: Insertions are written in Moodle by the surname.
Surname (EN)
Email1 or Email2 or Email3Email Address (EN)
Free field 1 to 5Customfield 1 up to and including 5(EN)
The free fields (customfields / profilefields) in Moodle can be found by the user in panel 'Other Fields'.

Set up:
  1. Once you have filled in all the information, click on the 'Save' button. 
  2. With the button 'Test connection' you test the connection, and check if a connection has been made between both systems.
  3. Click on the 'Enable' button. A warning will be given about the monthly costs. Would you like to continue? Then click on the 'Confirm' button.
I did it. I did it.
Unfortunately, it failed.
The clutch is always possible:
  1. To be paused. This means there's no more contact with Moodle. Click on the 'Resume' button to cancel the pause.
  2. To be removed.
  3. To be tested again.
  4. Did you know that you can also connect multiple Moodle environments? Click on the 'Add' button and set up the next link in the same way.