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Creating evaluations, sending out invitations and reminders and completing evaluations is a time-consuming task and is sometimes forgotten. Coachview takes care of this by automatically arranging this for each course or part (lesson) for you. You can do this by linking the action templates to an evaluation template. Do you add an evaluation template to a course definition and/or definition part? Then Coachview will automatically add the evaluations to the course and/or parts when creating the program. It does not matter whether you have chosen participants or teachers as recipients. The actions to automate the evaluation are prepared and carried out automatically by Coachview according to schedule.

Step 1: Create action templates and link them to the evaluation template:
In this presentation we are going to talk about making and linking these action templates to the evaluation template.

Step 2: Add course definition to the evaluation template:
In this presentation we will discuss how to add one or more course definitions to an evaluation template. You want Coachview to automatically create a predefined evaluation for a program. From the evaluation template you can add the course definitions. If you create a program, the evaluation will be added automatically. But beware. You cannot add course definition parts to an evaluation template.

Step 3: Send the evaluation analysis (summary) to the teacher:
If the evaluation is ongoing or completed, you can automatically send an e-mail from the programme with a reference to the evaluation analysis (summary) to all teachers scheduled for the course. This is done using an action template that you add to a course type or one or more parts of the course definition.

You still have the possibility to update training with retroactive effect.
If an evaluation template is added to a course definition or one or more parts of a course definition, it would be useful if the evaluations were created for the current programmes. Of course an evaluation has to be removed from a current programme if the evaluation template is removed from the course definition or parts of a course definition.

Add conditions for evaluation to training:
  1. The training must have the status 'To start'.
  2. Evaluation should not yet exist.

Conditions remove evaluation to training:
  1. The evaluation must have the status 'Initial'.

How do you do this for an evaluation template linked to a type of education?
  1. Select and open a type of education.
  2. Click on the tab 'Evaluation templates'.
  3. Click on the button 'Update evaluations'.

How to do this for an evaluation template attached to a part:
  1. Select and on a course definition.
  2. Click on the tab 'Items'.
  3. Select and open an item.
  4. Click on the tab 'Evaluation templates'.
  5. Click on the button'Update evaluations'

Note:click on the button 'Update evaluations' in the tab'Evaluation templates' for a course definition, then also the evaluations will be updated on the parts. It is possible that a part, to which an evaluation template has been added, is linked to multiple course definitions. In this case, all courses created using the different course definitions are updated.