Coachview is divided into two halves. The menu can be found on the left side of the screen.

At the top of the menu, below the logo, you will find a number of navigation buttons.

Back to the home screen (personal dashboard).

Would you like to know more about setting up the start screen (personal dashboard)?

Click here.

Clicking on the 'bread crumb' will display a list of screens you have visited. The most recent screen is shown at the top. If you have visited a screen twice, only the most recent screen is shown. If you click on a line with the left mouse button, you jump directly to that screen. The number of screens shown as a line can be set by our helpdesk (by default 10 are shown). If you don't have a screen selected, click on the cross at the top to close the screen.

Go to the previous or next screen.

Below you can see the different function groups. If you click on a function group, it will unfold and functions will be shown.

Which function groups, with their associated functions, you see depends on the modules that have been assigned to you.

Function group 'Search' is the most commonly used.

Because you use the functions from this function group the most, it is always open.

The functions are more extensive than the functions in the other function groups.

You can do this in function group 'Search':
Open or close the function group.
Fill in all or part of a search criteria.
  • Company: search by name.
  • Person: search by first and last name.
  • Document: search by name or reference number.
  • Action: search by name.
  • Request: search by request number, code, name, company name or name of the contact person of the request.
  • Participant request: search by Participant request number, code, name, name of person or company name.
  • Course: search by name or code of the course.
  • Course definition: search by name or code of the course definition.
Click on the magnifying glass or <enter> to start the search for specific files. A search screen opens in which the found files are displayed. If you do not fill in anything, all files will be shown in the search screen.
Click on the plus (+) to create a new file.

Functions from other function groups immediately start a search screen.

Also open the function group 'Course dates'. Here you will find the following useful functions:
  • Participant question part: an overview with which parts (days/day parts) per participant must be followed, are followed or have been followed.
  • Course part: an overview of planned parts (days/day parts).
  • Material part: show the list of materials, useful if, for example, you want to print out an overview for the facilities department with material that has to be placed in the various locations during this week, or if you want to know exactly where the material is located or which teacher is responsible for it.
  • Trainer: an overview of where and when each teacher has taught or is yet to teach. Useful if you want to check the declaration of a certain trainer.
  • Location: an overview per location where and when it has been reserved. Useful if you want to check the declaration of a certain teacher.