What can I do with it?

You will learn the ins and outs of using Coachview.net in your financial processes.

With the help of these work instructions you will have clear insight into the possibilities of the purchase, sales and invoicing modules and how your financial processes can be processed in Coachview.


In the manual 'Coachview.net_Trainingskit_financial processes_2012' you will find:

  • Recording of VAT, cost centres, general ledger accounts, units and methods of payment.
  • Capture debtor data.
  • Create and process quotations and create invoices.
  • Record purchase costs.
  • Management information (revenues - costs).

You can find the manual 'Coachview Information Teacher's Declarations Purchasing':

It is possible to specify specific rates (purchasing rules) for a teacher. As soon as you schedule the teacher, you will have booked the right costs for the course. If you use the 'Daypart' type in the purchase rule, it will automatically be determined, based on an adjustable minute tier, whether a part should be counted as a half day, a whole day or two parts of the day, for example.