How can I easily search in personal or company files? Can I search for a specific word or letter combination?

You can search in for an exact match or a partial match with a personal or company name.

For this purpose it is useful to have the list below to hand:

Vul inUitlegResultaat
Search on *jan*Show everything with jan somewhere in the word, in first or last nameJan Vermeer
Aafke Janssen
Albert Jan Röntgen
Search on jan*Show everything with jan at the beginning, in first or last nameJan Maarten
Janet van den Heuvel
Jane Russel
Search on *janShow everything with jan at the end in first or last name.Hans Koppejan  (jan op einde achternaam)
Albert Jan Verhulst (jan op einde voornaam)
Search for "jan"Show everything that contains exactly and only jan in first or last name, so no characters before or after.Jan Vermeer
Mick de Jan