The Personal Dashboard is Coachview's home page. You can set it up just the way you like it. For this you use so called panels.  Setting up the panels only applies to your own start screen. For the setup you can use the panels predefined by Coachview.

See how to do this with the help of this video:

Read it again:

  1. Click on the button  , you will find it in the top right corner of the screen under the logout button or
  2. Click on the function group 'Manage' and the function 'Set up Personal Coach'.
  3. Click on the edit button.
  4. Indicate in how many columns the panels should be displayed (A).
  5. Select the panels to be displayed (B).

  6. Click on 'Save' to save the changes.

  7. Click on 'Number of lines' and then on 'Edit' to change the number of visible lines in a panel (C).

  8. By clicking on the sorting icon (D), the order of the panels can be changed.

What panels are there?

Manual Actions
which actions should I or one of my colleagues's perform myself.
Automatic actions
which actions does Coachview automatically perform for me.
overview of all internal or external documents sorted by date.
Operationsoverview of the next part sorted by date of the part, the courses of which you are contact person are at the top.
Training questions on waiting list
you see the number of training questions (persons) on the waiting list for a certain type of training.
Lane demand
overview of web questions requested through your website or training portal, sorted by number.
Planning status teachers not agreeing
if you have asked the teachers to indicate yes/no, you will see here for each part (day/daypart) on which a teacher has given a non-agreement.
Filled in evaluations
you see the name of the Evaluation and the date on which one of the recipients (participants or teachers) last completed the Evaluation. Note: this does not mean that all recipients have already completed the evaluation.
Training questions authorization non-agreement
you can see for which participants the manager has not given his approval.
Material minimum order level reached
you see the material that needs to be reordered.
Saldobugdetom overruns
If you use balance's then you can see here which persons have exceeded the budget.

Overview of requests, sorted by contact person and change date.