In Coachview it is possible to merge two people, where all data is stored and merged.

This is called deduplication in Coachview.

The data of the wrongly entered (double) person are added to the file of the person who has to be kept.

The personal file of the wrongly entered person is then deleted.

See how to do this using this video (1:15):

Deduplicate a person using the following steps:
Click in the menu on function group 'Manage' and on function 'Deduplicate person'.
Use the magnifying glass (A) to select the original person, the personal file that must be kept.
Use the magnifying glass (B) to select the person to be duplicated, the personal file will be deleted after duplication.
Click on the 'Deduplicate' button (C).

If the deduplication was successful then the name of the duplicate person has disappeared. The message 'Deduplicate' of the persons successful will appear on the screen.

If the deduplication was unsuccessful, messages will be shown in red.

It is useful if you change the surname of the double person to '<last name> (MAG WEG)'.

This will make it easier to find which person's file should remain and which may be deleted.